An American nurse loses consciousness after receiving the Corona vaccine … this is her story! – Video


An American nurse fainted after receiving the “Pfizer” vaccine against the emerging coronavirus, according to what was monitored in a video clip published by the American “WTVC” channel.

The nurse from Tennessee was speaking to the media after she received the Corona vaccine before she became dizzy, according to Sky News Arabia.

The video showed the moment the nurse fainted and fell to the ground, but fortunately for her, one of the doctors standing behind her caught her.

It is about nurse Tiffany Pontes Dover (30 years old and mother of two children), who is among the first nurses in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to receive the vaccine Thursday.

And the source stated that Tiffany felt dizzy after about 17 minutes of getting the vaccine.

In the interview, she stated, “It’s really … I’m sorry that I really feel dizzy.” Later, she said, “My condition is good… I often lose consciousness when I feel pain. It was not surprising to me.”

Commenting on the incident, Director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine at CHI Memorial Hospital, Jesse Tucker, said: “It is a reaction that can happen a lot with any vaccine or injection.”

During the Pfizer vaccine’s clinical trials, participants said they experienced side effects that were as follows: 63 percent experienced a state of fatigue, 55 percent suffered from headaches, 32 percent said they felt chills, 24 percent suffered joint pain, and 14 percent experienced a fever.

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