A selfie that testifies to a crime committed by an Egyptian artist


The text of the Egyptian prosecution’s investigations revealed new developments in the case of actress Abeer Baybars, accused of killing her husband in his apartment in Cairo’s Al-Basateen area.

The defendant said when confronted with a picture of a mobile phone she had in possession during the crime on the day of the accident on May 30th, that this photo was taken by the defendant of herself, showing the victim lying on the ground on his back, wearing a “red shirt” and the defendant in the picture showing her tongue out after he was killed.

The accused replied, “I could not believe that he was dead after the ambulance came and told me that he was dead.”

When the defendant asked that the photo’s time was taken before attending the ambulance, “Maarouf” replied, and the accused did not answer the prosecution’s question.

The investigations revealed that the defendant wore clothes while taking the photo with her dead husband and changed her clothes before attending the ambulance.

Al-Basateen Prosecution decided to refer actress Abeer Baybars to the criminal court on charges of killing her husband.

Source: The Seventh Day

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