A doctor warns of the fatal danger of honey


Endocrinologist Dr. Zahra Pavlova has warned against consuming large quantities of honey, as it may cause serious health problems.

“First, honey is a high-calorie substance. Second, the high fructose sugar content in it leads to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It also stimulates the appetite because it blocks the receptors for the hormone leptin responsible for feeling full,” she says.

According to her, it is difficult today to find clean, faithfully produced honey with magical properties due to the widely used pesticides that lead to bees’ death.

The specialist says, “There are many types and large quantities of honey in the stores. But there are no numbers of bees that can produce these quantities. It is okay if sugar is used to feed the bees. But pesticides have been used for a long time, and of course, they have been used in fields where bees fly as well.” “So what do we get in the end? We certainly won’t get a treatment product.”

And she added, warning, a completely healthy person should not consume honey daily in large quantities. “From time to time, I received diabetes patients, who for some reason believed they could eat honey, and more than that, they believed that eating honey improves their health. This is a dangerous illusion that may lead to coma,” she says.

The expert points out that good honey is a good antiseptic and an excellent regenerating substance, “for example, in the case of a sore throat, a good gargle must be done, and then a teaspoon of honey should be placed in the mouth and absorbed slowly, then its positive effect appears.”

Source: Novosti

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