What is Kpop?


The term Kpop is used a lot on the Internet. The term is frequently found on South Korean celebrity news pages. What do you know about K-pop culture? And what does the term K-pop mean, anyway?

What is K-pop music?

K-pop is Korean folk music, and in fact, it is the dominant music that originated from South Korea, and the term K-Pop may include much different music, which comes under its umbrellas such as rock and hip-hop, and the type of K-pop music you listen to today was formed around the nineties, and it was greatly affected. With different western music and pop groups.

What is Hallyu Wave and how is it related to K-pop?

Also called the Korean Wave, and what is meant by it increases the popularity of South Korean culture worldwide, K-pop was included as part of this wave that included, also Korean dramas, movies, and Korean cosmetics, and today you can see it affecting many current cultures around the world.

The first K-pop group

Unlike other music groups, we can easily identify the beginning of contemporary K-Pop, as it started on April 11, 1992, and this is when teams like, Seo Taiji and The Boys presented their music on TV for the first time, and these teams were the real strength behind the formation of many other groups. And, in 1995, several companies were established that adopted these teams, and the first group was K-Pop idol, which debuted in 1996.

The most famous boy group in K-Pop

Among the boy groups, Big Bang is the most famous group, and this group has a unique style, and they develop their music into something new with each album, and it is surprising that they have paved the way for new K-Pop groups, and there is another team and it is one of the most popular groups on The launch, which is the BTS Team, this team has achieved overwhelming success in the United States and other countries.

How K-pop became a global phenomenon

In the past, there were various attempts by different music companies in Korea, to break into the global music markets, and their first target was the United States, and with some prominent attempts, K-pop became a global phenomenon.

Now many people have become addicted to it which makes it unique, and this type of music really distinguishes it from the catchy melodies, the impressive choreography, the eye-catching group, and a lot of effort put into the music videos so it looks great and of high quality.

We must give credit to the Internet these days, as it helped make K-pop culture a global phenomenon, and the following are some factors that dominate the popularity of K-pop, including:

  • Creative use of colors and costumes: This factor has won millions of hearts all over the world, and this by using colorful artistic costumes, vibrant make-up, fun effects, and creativity, all of this has given a lot of distinction and attractiveness.
  • Simultaneous dance routine: In fact, no one designs better dances than K-pop artists, as they have a synchronized dance routine along with the tunes, which may undoubtedly cause addiction to this music, as the spectator feels professional in performing the work, and all this came not from a vacuum so the singers receive training courses for a period. General to master all dance moves.
  • multilingual: A few of these artists have mastered a range of different languages, and the same song is also being translated into languages other than their native language.

The most famous K-Pop group

1- Team BTS: This group is the most famous one, and their music is a mixture of electronic dance music, pop, and hip-hop as it covers sensitive topics, such as mental health issues and relationships.

2- Pink Black Team: This group comprises a group of girls, and they first appeared in 2016, and this band has been nominated for over 100 major awards, and most recently, on December 8, 2019, the band won the Best Korean Artist award at the Tencent Music Awards 2019.

3- EXO: This group of 9 members initially appeared in 2012 with 12 members and was divided into two subgroups, each based on their predominant language, and their first album, EP “Mama”, and their album “XOXO” put the group all on the path to unprecedented success, and they got Over 150 awards from 250 nominations.

4- NCT: It is the largest K-pop group with a huge team of 21 members and has won over 30 awards and high esteem, including acclaim from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea.

Learn Korean with K-Pop

One of the most effective ways to learn Korean is to study the lyrics of K-pop songs. In fact, the significant thing about this method of study is that it is easy to memorize the lyrics, so you can learn Korean with K-pop songs.

You will pick up some Korean letters with some new grammar, or vocabulary that you will pick up from songs, and this can help speed up learning the Korean language and make learning more fun.

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