Ronaldo the robot: intensive training to build muscle


Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the most athletic athletes on the planet. Therefore, the Portuguese forward is in top form, and even though he is aging, he is absolutely unwilling to hang up his boots.

Cristiano Ronaldo aims for excellence.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has always been a player who constantly pushes his boundaries and strives for excellence. And undoubtedly, when you look at his gold record, his many accomplishments, and his personal best. We tell ourselves that his efforts were rewarded well in the end.

In fact, the fiery little island man has grown up, but since he left his hometown of Madeira. Today, his name is engraved in gold and diamond letters on the World Football Legends collection.

CR7 has already become a true legend and a living legend of roundball. But it wasn’t really through the indulgence or indulgence of indolence that it got there.

Intensive training for Ronaldo since childhood

The former Real Madrid star has worked hard to get to this point. And he began his extensive training very early in his life, as you will see for yourself.

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Growing up on Madeira’s island, little Cristiano did not skimp on training and could spend the whole day playing football. Without a break from morning until night, he could play a game in the street one by one even though his buddies were already anxious and weary.

But a little bit of Ronaldo’s energy was inexhaustible. And when the latter was on his way to rest, he then began to play with older children, and thus was stronger than him.

But despite his boundless talent and energy, young Cristiano could not make up for his poor condition, which had turned into a flagrant weakness in the face of his older opponents.

Ronaldo decides to become a robot.

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Extremely thin and without the shadow of a muscle, the young islander decided at the age of 11 that would change the course of his life.

Little Cristiano Ronaldo has indeed resolved to train even harder to gain strength and speed, putting himself through hours and hours of extremely strenuous races and physical exercises.

But those titanic efforts soon paid off, and the rickety little boy was transformed into a sturdy fellow.

The key to Ronaldo’s success
This incredible metamorphosis allowed him to stand up to opponents much older than himself, a feat he would repeat later in the club when he joined Sporting Club of Portugal.

Therefore, during his childhood spent on Madeira’s beautiful island, Cristiano Ronaldo would initiate what would later be the key to his success: extensive and relentless training.

Source: l’équipe

The young boy had vowed to himself that he would not place any limits on himself in achieving his goal of becoming the strongest and the fastest, and it can be said that he stayed. True to his word.

He works his physique every day.

He is, therefore, a highly motivated and remarkably gifted young teenager who joins Manchester United. And this time, Ronaldo was going to have to deal with real mirrored cabinets and a very rough and very physical play style.

CR7, who was no longer the weakling he had been in Lisbon, was still no match for his opponents in the English Premier League, blown up on steroids and testosterone…

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