Huge demand in Albania for donkey milk to strengthen immunity against Corona


Donkey milk has grown in popularity in Albania as allegations spread among the population about its role in protecting against infection with the Coronavirus.

Despite the high price of 50 euros per liter in a country where the average monthly wage is barely 400 euros, donkey milk is popular.


Albanian citizen Elton Kekia, who left his job in journalism two years ago to devote himself to working on a small family farm in the town of Babur, says that “the demand for female donkey milk has increased dramatically, especially in recent months in light of the increase in infections” that exceeded 45 thousand in Albania.

Donkey milk production is still marginal in Albania and is limited to two farms with a few dozen donkeys.

According to press estimates, the number of donkeys in Albania is about 50,000, and due to desertification in the countryside, urbanization, and the modernization of agricultural patterns, the number of donkeys has decreased sharply in the country for years, according to the Institute of Statistics.

Source: France 24

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