How can I use almonds to lose weight?


You must have heard before about the possibility of eating almonds between meals during the diet and wondered: How can I use almonds to lose weight? Here’s the answer …

Almonds are rich in fiber

You find in the shell of almonds an enormous amount of dietary fiber that facilitates the digestion process in your body and makes your bowel movement healthy. If you eat food and the digestion process went wrong, you will suffer from food reflux and acidity in the stomach with an annoying bloating, so foods turn into fats that increase your weight. Here we recommend that you eat almonds between meals in order to get rid of stomach fat.

Almonds make you satiate

Eating almonds helps you feel full faster while reducing your appetite for food, which leads you to consume fewer calories during the day. Besides, almonds are a source of protein, fatty acids, and dietary fiber that satisfy hunger.

Reduces abdominal fat

With eating almonds, you will get rid of an enormous amount of belly fat because of the high protein they contain, and the saturated fats present in them, which reduce the rate of body mass index, which weakens the accumulated fat in the abdominal area.

Source: Yawmiyati

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