Corona spreads on a US warship


The US Navy Pacific Fleet Command announced that dozens of crew members of the USS Essex landing ship were infected with the Coronavirus during the implementation of a cruise.

The exact number of injuries was not revealed onboard the ship that set sail from its base in San Diego, California, in early December. But it was only indicated that the majority of the injured were from the ship’s engines section.

The San Diego Union-Tribune said a medical group had been transported from the coast to the ship to deal with the emergency. After that, the ship returned to its base.

According to the US Navy, more than 1.2,000 American sailors have been infected with the Coronavirus during the past week.

Since the beginning of November, 7,700 US Navy soldiers have been infected with the Coronavirus. This represents nearly 40% of the total number of coronavirus cases in the US Navy since the start of the pandemic.

Source: “Interfax”

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