Woman beheads owl, gets murdered by hitmen

A real drama hit the headlines in Colombia this Sunday, December 13. Indeed, a woman who had beheaded an owl and published the photos on social networks was murdered by contract killers.
Since her “barbaric” act outraged the whole country, the 21-year-old woman has been under investigation for animal abuse and constantly received death threats.

A contract on the head of the woman who beheaded the owl?

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Nicknamed the Owl Slayer, a young woman named Mileydis Aldana Herazo was recently murdered in Colombia. As she sat in front of her house, two men on motorcycles approached her and fired six shots. Retaliation? Revenge? Hazard? The theories about his death abound.

Indeed, Miley had become famous in Colombia for his terrible cases of animal abuse. In June, the woman posted photos of an owl on Facebook, allegedly beheaded by her.

Shocking and viral images in Colombia

And worse, she posed with the carcass of the animal, proudly brandishing it, like a hunter with his catch. As a result, the images went viral and caused outrage in the country. Since then, Miley has been under investigation for animal abuse, amid complaints from animal rights organizations.

A definite end loomed for the woman who killed the owl.

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In addition to this, Mileydis herself indicated that she frequently receives death threats on social networks. However, in recent days, the woman’s posts on Facebook foreshadowed the tragedy. Among the batches of messages published by Aldana, one can read, “I know that many want to kill me, (but) they will not be able.” And four days later, the woman was killed outside her house.

One might think that the woman’s disappearance, mown down at such a young age, could sadden Internet users. However, far from having compassion or empathy, many, on the contrary, rejoiced that the woman who had beheaded the owl was in turn killed. “Why on earth would a sane person behead an innocent bird? We only harvest what we sow, ”commented one Internet user.

Is human life worth more than animal life?

More ironically, others claimed that the owl, which the woman had killed, had come for her. For some, taking the life of a human being for the sake of an animal is not a valuable thing. But, the fact that the woman strutted around town with the carcass of the owl-related animal shows that she was a mentally unstable person.

An investigation to solve the mystery of the murder

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Whatever internet users may think, the police have launched an investigation to find Aldana’s murderers. After shooting him, the killers disappeared on a motorcycle without witnesses being able to identify them.

Moreover, although public opinion retains the trail of animal rights activists’ vengeance, the police seem to take this theory with more reserve because of Mileydis’ past.

The case could take a whole different turn.

Despite having beheaded the owl, the woman also had a criminal history. It was, in fact, often linked to investigations for drug trafficking. Thus, the police also intend to follow the trail of a possible settling of accounts.

Needless to say, the circumstances and the scene of the woman’s death seem straight out of a sci-fi movie. However, the fact that she mistreated this animal did not benefit her either. To really think that karma exists!

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