Some Facebook and Instagram features will be switched off in Europe, effective December 21


Facebook has deactivated some messaging service functions for both Messenger and Instagram in Europe to comply with European regulations regarding data use in communication services.

European application users have received a message from the company warning them that some functions such as surveys, “stickers,” and personal responses, among others, are not available. The company also indicated in a statement that these functions had been deactivated “to comply with the new regulations for messaging services” in European Union countries regarding Privacy and electronic communications.

This step, which reflects requirements in the privacy laws in the European Union, falls under what is known as the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) and the “Electronic Privacy Directive.”

It will also come into effect as of December 21, and the company described it as a “temporary measure, to be followed by the restoration of all jobs soon.”

According to reports, the social media giant decided to turn off many interactive options and provide messaging services in their simple and basic form only. Group chat surveys on Messenger are among the tools that should be turned off.

One of the most fun features of the app will also be deactivated, changing aliases on Messenger. At the same time, augmented reality filters will also be deactivated on Instagram in Europe.

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