Pence receives Corona vaccine Friday, “in public”


The White House announces that Vice President Mike Pence will receive the vaccine against the Coronavirus Friday in public

The White House announced, Wednesday, that Vice President Mike Pence will receive Friday “in front of” the Pfizer-Bionic vaccine against Covid-19 disease after the United States began a large-scale vaccination campaign on Monday stop the spread of this pandemic.

In a brief statement, the US president said that Pence and his wife Karen “will receive the COVID-19 vaccine in public to enhance Americans’ confidence in the vaccine and to confirm its safety and efficacy.”

Pence and his wife are scheduled to receive the vaccine at the White House if it comes a few days after the launch of a comprehensive vaccination program in the United States to stop the outbreak of a pandemic that has so far claimed more than 300,000 lives in this country.

While President Donald Trump, who contracted the emerging coronavirus earlier this year, has not yet announced when he will receive this vaccine. President-elect Joe Biden said he would do so soon, and so did former President Barack Obama.

White House spokeswoman Kelly McKinani said, “The president is ready to receive the vaccine and will do so as soon as his medical team decides on this, but his priority is the workers on the first frontline” against the virus.

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19, which will be the largest of its kind in the history of the United States, aims in its first phase to immunize health care providers, who are most at risk of contracting the virus, which number about 21 million people, and residents of nursing homes, who number about three million people.

The campaign aims to vaccinate a hundred million people by spring, and the entire population of the United States by summer, but matters will depend a lot on Americans’ confidence in the vaccine.

According to epidemiologists, more than 70 percent of people must be vaccinated to stop the epidemic’s spread.

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