Lighting the columns of the resund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark in preparation for the Christmas celebrations


Europe and the countries of the world these days celebrate birthdays and Christmas, amid difficult circumstances with the outbreak of the Corona virus epidemic, and also each country has its own customs and rituals in the annual celebrations, and among these rituals is the lighting of the Oresund Bridge, which has a height of about 203.5 meters, linking Sweden and Denmark.

According to the Swedish in Arabic account on Instagram, the columns of the Oresund Bridge, which connects Sweden and Denmark, are lit like a candlestick, in preparation for Christmas, so every Sunday from November 29 to December 23, a new column of four columns of the bridge is illuminated using the supplied LED lights , between Three o’clock in the afternoon and nine o’clock in the morning, indicating that three columns have been lit so far, while the candlestick lights will be completed next Sunday, December 20.

The Oresund link is about 16 kilometers long, and it consists of a bridge, an artificial island and a tunnel. The Oresund Bridge celebrated the 20th anniversary of its opening this year on the first of July.

The Oresund Bridge, a common Danish Swedish name, connects the Danish capital Copenhagen and the Swedish city of Malmö, and is used as a road and railway, and the bridge consists of 3 parts, the first of which is on the Danish side comes the Oresund tunnel, then the tunnel rises gradually until it reaches the artificial island of Biberholm, which It ends with the Oresund Bridge, which is a cable-stayed bridge, and construction began in 1995, and it was opened to traffic on July 1, 2000, and carries part of the European E20 road .

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