An American has a serious allergic reaction after receiving the Corona vaccine


On Tuesday, a health worker in the US state of Alaska had a serious allergic reaction after receiving the Coronavirus vaccine produced by Pfizer and was taken to hospital, according to the “New York Times” newspaper.

The newspaper quoted three people familiar with the accident’s official reports, who confirmed that the injured person’s health had become stable.

It was not immediately clear if the patient had a history of allergies, making it difficult to assess the accident’s significance, as millions of Americans are vaccinated over the coming weeks, while government officials scrambled on Wednesday to learn more about the case.

The reaction is believed to be similar to that of two health workers in Britain after receiving the vaccine last week, who recovered later.

Pfizer’s trials in the United States, involving more than 40,000 people, did not witness any serious adverse events resulting from the vaccine. However, many of the participants experienced pain, fever, and other side effects.

And last week, the authority responsible for approving medicines in Britain advised those with a previous record of severe allergic symptoms not to receive the Covid-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer and Biotech after two people reported negative side effects the first day of the vaccine’s launch in the United Kingdom.

British officials said they had received two reports of an allergic reaction and a report of a possible allergic reaction since the vaccination began.

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, an allergic reaction can cause a swollen throat and trouble breathing and swallow. It is an overreaction of the human immune system described by the National Health Authority in Britain as an acute, possibly life-threatening

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