Turkey: US Sanctions and the Alliance with Washington


Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said that the sanctions imposed by the United States on Turkey had “shaken” all principles of the alliance with the United States.

The Minister of Defense added, “We condemn the decision that is not in harmony with the spirit of the coalition and the military and political realities … the American sanctions decision shook all the values ​​of the alliance between our two countries.”

“Sanctions against a member state of NATO will not only harm the spirit of the alliance but also undermine confidence among allies,” the minister continued.

The minister affirmed his country’s determination to continue, with firmness and determination, to ensure the security and protection of the country and the people.


It is noteworthy that the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on the Turkish Defense Industries Administration and its head, Ismail Demir.

The Treasury Department website said Washington had imposed sanctions on three other individuals linked to the Turkish Defense Industries Administration.

Source: TRT

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