The White House officially clarifies Trump’s next move after Biden in the elections


White House spokeswoman Kylie McKinani announced today, Tuesday, that outgoing US President Donald Trump is continuing with judicial procedures to annul the US election result.

“The president is involved in the judicial complaint related to the election,” said McKinani, in response to a question about whether Trump would invite US President-elect Joe Biden to the White House.

McKinani responded to a question about Trump’s reaction to Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell’s recognition of Biden as US president, saying she had not discussed the matter with the president.

So far, Trump has not officially acknowledged his defeat by Biden in the elections, despite the official adoption of the election results by the American electoral college.

A source close to the outgoing US President Donald Trump revealed his intention not to publicly accept the results of the presidential elections.

A former White House adviser told CNN that the suggestion made by some Republican officials, including White House domestic policy aide Stephen Miller, was futile for the Republican Party to send “alternative” voter lists to Congress to be counted. On January 6th.

He said those close to Trump still believed that it was unlikely that the outgoing president would attend Biden’s inauguration.

American sources revealed that the outgoing US President Donald Trump may not run for the US elections in 2024.

The sources told the American magazine “Politico” that Trump had told some close to him about the possibility that he would back down from the idea of ​​running for the presidential elections by 2024, in case he finds it difficult to win.

Sources close to Trump indicated that he had made intensive contacts with a number of his close associates during the last period, to talk about the possibility of running or not, stressing the possibility of his retreat within two years, in case he finds it difficult to win these elections.

Some of Trump’s aides said that he was considering waiving the candidacy order due to several files, the most important of which is financial disclosure, building the infrastructure for his campaign, and the possibility of loss, which made him raise the issue of his candidacy again to make him in the limelight during the next two years.

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