Thales attack … France demands life for the perpetrator


French prosecutors demanded life imprisonment for the Moroccan, who carried out an attempted attack on the Thales train in 2015, and passengers thwarted it.

Ayoub Al-Khazani admitted that he boarded the Thales high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris, and concealed an AK-47 machine gun and 300 rounds, saying that he “wanted to attack American soldiers.”

Prosecutors also requested prison terms ranging from eight to 30 years for three others suspected of aiding al-Khazani and Belgian Abdelhamid Aba Oud, who Khazani said had “planned the operation.”

Abu Oud is believed to have been one of the architects of several attacks in Europe, including the attacks of November 13, 2015, in and around Paris.

Days later, Abu Oud was killed when French police surrounded him in a suburb of Paris.

Al-Khazani told the court earlier that he had gone to the toilet to prepare for the attack, but was in poor condition.

Nevertheless, he took off his shirt, put a pistol on his waist and a Kalashnikov rifle on his shoulder, and left his bag around his waist open to keep ammunition within reach.

In front of the bathrooms, two passengers were waiting, and when the door opened, and they found themselves in front of a bare-chested and armed man, the first passenger swooped on him and the second managed to grab a Kalashnikov, so al-Khazani took out his pistol, fired at him and retrieved the rifle.

The commotion drew the attention of three Americans who were on vacation, including two soldiers, who stormed him, took his weapons, and controlled him with other passengers’ help. The train stopped at the Arras station, where the attacker was arrested.

Prosecutors said al-Khazani failed to commit a train massacre due to defective munitions and the passengers who intervened to control him.

On Tuesday, the prosecution praised these passengers, describing them as “heroes.”

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