Coman: Barcelona are a different team now


Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman called on Tuesday fans and game experts to accept that the team is no longer a candidate for winning every match it plays.

Barcelona will meet Real Sociedad, leaders of the Spanish League, tomorrow, Wednesday, in the 19th round of the “LaLiga,” and hopes to build on his difficult victory with a goal without response to Levante after two severe defeats against Kadesh and Juventus in the worst start of a season in the league in 33 years.

“The pressure here is great, and everyone is asking you to win every match,” Koeman said at a press conference. “But the club’s situation is different now, and we must accept the idea that we will not be able to win constantly.”

Journalists were surprised after the Levante match that Coman pushed defender Samuel Umtiti instead of striker Antoine Griezmann near the end to help his side maintain the lead, in a move experts say contradicts the club’s offensive philosophy.

“I understand the criticism when you lose four or five games, but when I was criticized for using defenders in the last minutes, I did not understand the point because I wanted to win,” Koeman said.

The Dutch coach added: “I am not happy with the team’s results so far after losing matches that we should not have lost. We are trying to improve things, and the result we achieved in that match was significant.”

“The team made a lot of effort and was positive, and I hope the three points give us the peace of mind we need in tomorrow’s match,” he added.

Source: Reuters

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