Biden: The elections were fair, and I will be president of all Americans


US President-elect Joe Biden said that the presidential elections were fair and fair, stressing that he would be key to all Americans.

In a speech after the American Electoral College confirmed his victory in the presidential elections, Biden indicated that the American people are well aware that the elections were fair.

The US President-elect explained that the presidential elections witnessed the largest participation rate in our country’s history, pointing out that its results showed the insistence of Americans on the choice of democracy.

In his speech, he stressed that the Coronavirus pandemic did not stop an obstacle to American democracy and noted that President Trump’s campaign had challenged the election results many times without any legal basis.

He added that “President Donald Trump must respect the will of the people and acknowledge his loss in the elections,” explaining that the head of cybersecurity in the current administration recognized the integrity of the elections, stressing that America would be a role model for the world in democracy.

The electoral college decided the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, headed by the United States of America, after exceeding the required quorum (270 votes) by the state of California’s votes.

And the state of California, which has 55 votes in the electoral college, granted its votes to Biden, to formally exceed the quorum required to win the presidency of 270 votes, to become the 46th president of the country.

Based on the direct vote results last November, Biden won 306 votes in the compound, compared to 232 for Trump.

And members of the Electoral College held a virtual meeting from state capitals to cast their votes in the US President and Vice President’s election.

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