America approves the first real home corona test


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, on Tuesday, a home examination for the emerging coronavirus that does not require a prescription nor sending samples to laboratories, similar to how pregnancy tests work at home.

And the rapid examination for Corona was produced by an Australian company called Illume. It takes about five minutes to take a swab from the nose, then 15 minutes to get a “positive” or “negative” result.

What distinguishes it can be used for adults and children (up to two years of age), and the length and shortness of the swab inserted into the nose can be controlled.

After taking the sample, drops of a specific solution are added to it and placed in a small plastic device similar to a home pregnancy test. The device is attached to an application on a smartphone and sent the results, a process that takes about 15 minutes.

The producer says its price will be around $ 30, and it will be available by January.

What distinguishes this examination in the United States is that it does not require a prescription. The federal agency previously approved a similar examination, but it required a doctor’s prescription; as for this test, users can purchase it from pharmacy shelves.

The agency previously authorized home tests for Corona, which work with taking samples, but it required sending the sample to the laboratory and waiting for the results.

In a statement, FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn described the approval of the Australian company’s examination as a “milestone in diagnostic tests for COVID-19”.

“This is the first test designed to be a real home test that you do yourself and get the result,” the company’s CEO, Shawn Parsons, said in an interview with US Public Radio (NPR).

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