Acting US Secretary of Defense receives Corona vaccine


Washington – (AFP):

Acting US Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller received a dose of a vaccine against “Covid-19”, in a step he took in front of the photographers’ lenses to encourage his citizens to follow his example.

The nurse gave Miller an injection in the upper left arm as he sat in front of the photographers’ lenses at Walter Reed Military Hospital in suburban Washington.

The acting minister commented jokingly, “Is that all? By God, it was not painful at all.”

Thus, Miller became one of the first Americans to receive a vaccine against “Covid-19”, in a step that marks the start of a large-scale vaccination campaign in parts of the country most affected by the emerging coronavirus, in which the number of deaths by the epidemic exceeded the threshold of 300 thousand people.

The Pentagon announced last week that even if the first batch of doses of the anti-“Covid-19” vaccine will be allocated primarily to military medical personnel, the minister and senior military officers will receive “the vaccine voluntarily, in a very public way, to raise awareness about the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine.”

In addition to Miller, his deputy David Norquist, Chief of Staff General Mark Milley, and other generals will receive the vaccine from the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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