A “strange” incident at an American airport … a man walks over the wing of an airplane


McCarran International Airport in Los Angeles, USA, witnessed a strange incident on Saturday afternoon when passengers of a plane that was about to take off were surprised to see a man jumping over one of its wings, in an incident recorded by passenger cameras that called for an investigation by the police.

The operator of the Alaska flight, which was bound for Portland, Oregon, said that the pilot spotted a person heading towards the plane’s wing and alerted the control tower.

Video footage shows a man climbing towards the wing and then walking to its edge before slipping and falling onto the airport runway and being arrested by police.

Media reported that Alejandro Carlson, 41, moved freely over the wing for about 45 minutes before falling and falling into police custody.

The police likely jumped from one of the airport walls until he reached the place of the plane.

After his arrest, he was treated in a medical center due to minor injuries. He was imprisoned on charges of “trespassing on the property of others and indifferent to public safety.”

“ABC” network quoted an eyewitness as saying that the passengers were shocked by seeing what happened, indicating that one of the flight attendants told him that during her 30 years of work, “she had not seen anything like this before.”

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