Washington officially removes Sudan from the list of terrorism


Source: Agencies

Today, Monday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially announced Sudan’s removal from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, in a historic step that ends nearly three decades of sanctions.

A statement by the US State Department said: “Today, Sudan’s classification as a state sponsor of terrorism has been officially canceled … and this represents a fundamental change in our bilateral relationship towards increasing cooperation and support for the historic democratic transition in Sudan.”

The statement added, “This achievement was made possible thanks to the efforts made by the civilian-led transitional government in Sudan to chart a bold new path away from the legacy of the Bashir regime, especially fulfilling the legal standards to abolish the ruling.”

He continued, “We commend the calls of the Sudanese people for freedom, peace, and justice, and we congratulate the members of the civilian-led transitional government for their courage in promoting the aspirations of the citizens who serve them.”

On Monday, senior Sudanese officials welcomed a move to remove Khartoum from the US list of countries supporting terrorism.

The head of the transitional government, Abdullah Hamdok, said on Twitter: “Today, after more than two decades, I announce to our people that the name of our beloved country has come out of the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, and our liberation from the international and global blockade in which the behavior of the ousted regime has forced us.”

He added, “Today, we return all of our history, the civilization of our people, the greatness of our country, and the vigor of our revolution to the international community as a peace-loving country, and a force supporting regional and international stability.”

Hamdok said, “This achievement, for which the transitional government has worked since its first day, contributes to reforming the economy, attracting investments and remittances from our citizens abroad through official channels, and creating new job opportunities for young people, and many other positives. I say it now again and in the full mouth: We will persevere, we will cross, and we will win.”

The Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, commented on the event and wrote on his account documented on the “Twitter” website: “Greetings and congratulations to the Sudanese people on the occasion of Sudan’s exit from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism. This great work is the result of the people of my country’s effort, and it was done by the same complementary spirit of the masses of the December popular and official revolution, thanks to the ministerial and diplomatic working groups (…).

He thanked the Arab countries and the regional and international partners who supported Sudan, praising the United States’ decision.

Al-Burhan said that the US decision, which he described as “historic,” would support the democratic transition in Sudan.

For his part, Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, Vice President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, said in a tweet on his official account on Twitter: “After 27 years of placing our country on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, today we congratulate our people for leaving this list that has damaged our economy and foreign relations and prevented benefit from From international institutions. ”

“Today, our country’s path has started clearer than ever before. We will work to strengthen this step by raising the level of cooperation with the American administration and with all the peoples of the world for the benefit of our people,” he added.

The US embassy in Khartoum announced earlier that the cancellation of Sudan’s designation as a state sponsor of terrorism has come into effect after the expiration of the 45-day congressional notification period.

She pointed out that “the notice became effective from December 14 (today), to be published in the Federal Register.”

Sudan was included in the list of state sponsors of terrorism in 1993, due to the regime’s policies, Omar al-Bashir, who provided shelter to terrorist groups and personalities, headed by former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Khartoum remained on this list for nearly three decades and caused losses estimated at $ 300 billion.

The move to remove Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism opens a great glimmer of hope for the Sudanese economy, which is burdened with debts estimated at $ 60 billion.

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