The “Electoral College” begins to certify the results of the American elections


The US Electoral College continues the formal voting process to certify that Democratic candidate Joe Biden will win the United States’ next president. In contrast, outgoing President Donald Trump continues to reject the election result even as he continues to lose the cases he filed in the courts.

Voting has been completed in several states, with delegates generally meeting in their capitals. Still, Biden’s victory will likely be confirmed only after California, on the West Coast, cast their ballots this afternoon UST.

Biden will receive 306 votes, as all states ratified the results of the November 3 elections.

The electoral college system distributes the votes of the 538 delegates to each state based on population size. The winner of the presidential elections is the candidate who receives the votes of more than 270 delegates.

The states that voted for Trump:

Tennessee votes 11

Indiana votes 11

Mississippi 6 votes

Oklahoma State 7 votes

Arkansas 6 votes

South Carolina: 9 votes

Iowa 6 votes

North Carolina, 15 votes

Kentucky 8 votes

Ohio State 18 votes

Kansas State 6 votes

South Dakota 3 votes

Alabama 9 votes

Louisiana 8 votes

Utah 6 votes

West Virginia 5 votes

Idaho 4 votes

North Dakota 3 votes

Wyoming 3 votes

Alaska State 3 votes

Nebraska: 4 votes for Trump and one for Biden

The states that voted for Biden:

New Hampshire 4 votes

Illinois 20 votes

Nevada: 6 votes

Delaware 3 votes

Georgia State 16 votes

Connecticut 7 votes

New York State 29 votes

Pennsylvania 20 votes

Virginia 13 votes

Rhode Island 4 votes

Wisconsin 10 votes

Arizona 11 votes

Maryland 10 votes

New Mexico State 5 votes

Florida 29 votes

Minnesota 10 votes

Colorado State 9 votes

Washington, DC 3 votes

Michigan State 16 votes

Maine: 3 votes for Biden and 1 for Trump

Washington State 12 votes

New Jersey: 14 votes

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