Reuters: Russian hackers targeted the US Department of Homeland Security

US Department of Homeland Security

Reuters reported that a team of seasoned hackers believed to be working for the Russian government gained access to internal communications at the US Department of Homeland Security, according to people familiar with the matter.

The breach was part of the attack that was reported, Sunday, in which data from the US Treasury and Commerce Department was targeted.

And the US Department of Homeland Security is responsible for border security and cybersecurity, as it was recently entrusted with the task of safely distributing the emerging coronavirus vaccine.

It is reported that a series of agencies related to national security were also affected by the hack, which was announced Sunday.

In one of the most complex and perhaps largest breaches in more than five years, officials in the administration of US President Donald Trump acknowledged on Sunday that hackers “likely working for Russia” had penetrated the email systems of the Treasury and the Commerce Department, according to a newspaper. The New York Times”.

US Department of Homeland Security

The Ministry of Commerce admitted targeting one of its agencies, without naming it. Simultaneously, the Cybersecurity Agency of the Department of Homeland Security said that its former head, Christopher Krebs, who was dismissed by Trump last month for declaring that there was no widespread fraud in the elections, had also been summoned, according to the New York newspaper. Times “.

Two sources familiar with the matter said that the motive behind the attack on the Ministries of Treasury and Commerce remains vague, and the newspaper indicated that “there are other breaches,” which have not been officially announced, and “are now under investigation.”

While the government was concerned about Russian interference in the 2020 presidential elections, the main agencies operating in the administration, which had nothing to do with the elections, were the subject of a complex attack “no one was aware of until recent weeks,” to the same newspaper.

“The United States government is aware of these reports, and we are taking all necessary steps to identify and address any potential issues related to this situation,” National Security Council spokesman John Eliot said in a statement.

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