Police arrest a man who climbed over the wing of the plane.. Video


CNN reported that the authorities in Las Vegas arrested a man and took him to pretrial detention after he boarded the wing of an Alaska Airlines plane at Las Vegas airport.

The company said in a statement that the flight was preparing to take off from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to Portland when the pilot noticed something strange, a person coming towards the plane.

The pilot was quick to notify the interview tower of the western incident, and the authorities could not arrest the man until he got on the wing of the plane.

The man had jumped off the fence surrounding the airport and continued on his way to one plane.



A video taken by a passenger documented the man sitting on the wing of the jet.

A video clip shows the man walking on the wing before he sits on it, and at a later time, the police arrested him in connection with his action.

Source: SkyNews

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