Corona closes the Netherlands with the strictest measures for a period of 5 weeks


On Monday, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced to impose a 5-week lockdown this week to curb the outbreak of the new Coronavirus.

These measures are the most stringent the Netherlands has adopted since the outbreak of the epidemic.

“The Netherlands will be closed for five weeks,” Rutte said in a televised speech from the government seat in The Hague.

I heard boos during his speech, and he said, “We are not facing the simple flu, as some belief behind us,” referring to the demonstrators who gathered in front of the government headquarters.

He advised Dutch citizens to stay at home and receive a maximum of two people per day, explaining that the measures will be applied until January 19.

All non-essential stores will be closed from Tuesday, except for supermarkets, food stores, and pharmacies, while schools will be closed from Wednesday.

He added that museums, cinemas, theaters, gyms, and zoos would also be closed.

The announcement comes due to a significant increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, and after the number of deaths exceeded 10 thousand.

The place chosen for the speech, on Monday evening, is important, as the Prime Minister’s office is usually used for important announcements.

Since the start of the health crisis, Rute has announced most of the press conference hall measures.

The measures announced are the most stringent since the outbreak began. And in March, the Netherlands began implementing “smart isolation,” with schools, not shops, closed.

The tightening of restrictions coincides with Germany’s announcement of a partial closure, from Wednesday, that includes the closure of non-essential stores and schools.

For its part, the Czech government announced, on Monday, the re-imposition of a night curfew and the closure of restaurants and bars in the country on the occasion of Christmas due to the large spread of the epidemic.

The measures include restricting gatherings at home and abroad to six people and a ban on consuming alcohol outside, effective December 18.

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