Thousands of Trump supporters show to support him … and the president is flying over them by helicopter … video


Euronews: Thousands of Americans showed in the streets of Washington to support outgoing President Donald Trump, and his allegations of fraud in the presidential elections, without caring about the Supreme Court rejected Trump’s recent appeals, which may be his last chance to nullify the election result.

Thousands gathered in Freedom Plaza near the White House in a festive atmosphere, while fights broke out with other anti-Trump protesters gathered on the other side.

Police officers, some of whom wore riot gear, used their bodies and bicycles to separate the two crowds, and local media later reported the arrest of six people. Among Trump’s supporters, some were dressed in military uniform, amid chants of “another four years” for the president.

“We will not surrender”

The demonstration was fairly large, but less than the one that took place about a month ago, when about 10,000 people gathered near the White House to support the President.

“We will not give up,” said Luke Wilson, a 60-year-old protester from western Idaho. “I think a great injustice has befallen the American people,” added Del Kwik, who regularly takes part in pro-Trump rallies, waving a sign defending the right to possess weapons.

And all states have now ratified Biden’s victory, who garnered 306 votes in the electoral college against 232 for Trump, while what is required to reach the White House is 270 votes. Members of the electoral college will officially cast their votes on Monday.

But the protesters insisted, as Trump repeatedly does, that there was widespread fraud in the elections, and some referred to “foreign interference” and “electronic software” that wiped out millions of votes for the president.

“This is not a banana republic,” said Susan Bowman, 62, from Virginia. “We need to reform the election system.”

Source: euronews

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