Microsoft warns millions of users against Chrome and Edge search engines for this reason


Microsoft, the American software company, Microsoft has warned hundreds of millions of users of search engines, “Google Chrome,” “Mozilla Firefox,” “Edge,” and several other browsers, of a dangerous cyberattack targeting these browsers and their users through several harmful links.

According to Tom’s Guide, a group of hackers organized a dangerous electronic attack targeting famous search engines’ users through several malicious programs and links. These links, when entered, steal user information and sell it.
The malicious links steal users’ passwords, in addition to copying all of their information and selling it to advertising companies, as well as other personal data.

The malware infects millions of Microsoft Windows users and copies the browser’s data once it is entered into millions of other suspicious web pages.

Malicious programs constantly change their codes to avoid detection of traditional anti-virus programs and install themselves as regular programs, and target Chrome, Fox, and Edge drives, as well as the Russian Yandex browser, as these browsers depend on the open-source Chromium browser.

Earlier, Microsoft warned millions of users of the Windows 7 and Windows 7 operating system that they should abandon it and switch immediately to Windows 10 because they would not be compromised and face serious security problems on their devices, as the company has stopped support for Windows 7, which will lead to major problems. On their device.

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