Kenyan Kandy smashes the world record for the half marathon



Kenyan Kipiwot Kandy, 24, smashed the world record for the half-marathon on Sunday in Valencia, scoring 57:32 minutes, ahead of Ugandan world champion Jacob Kiblemo (57:37).

The previous world record was held by another Kenyan, Joffrey Chamorro, of 58:01, which he set in September 2019 in Copenhagen.

In this fast-paced race, four runners succeeded in falling below the previous record: Kandy, Keplimo, as well as the Kenyans Ronix Kiproto (57:49 D), and Alexander Mutisoo (57:59 D).

And Kandy succeeded in a remarkable achievement by finishing his fourth half marathon this year, all of which fell under the 59-minute barrier.

The Valencia track confirms its speed among the road races, and what strengthened Sunday’s numbers in the event of appropriate weather, a flat track known for its high speed and the use of a new generation of “magic” shoes with carbon panels and reinforced heels provided to the majority of the participants.

Among the women, Ethiopian star Ganzibi Dibaba (29 years) won the title with a time of 1.05: 18 hours ahead of Kenyan Sheila Shipkeroy (1.05: 39h).

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