France’s first response to Britain’s announcement of deploying warships in its waters


On Britain’s announcement of its willingness to deploy ships belonging to the Royal Navy to protect British marine fishing areas if an agreement on Brexit fails to be reached, France commented today.

According to “Reuters,” France ignored Britain’s plans to deploy warships to protect their fishing rights in the wake of Britain’s exit from the European Union without an agreement.

“Keep calm and carry on,” said an official at the Elysee Palace, using a British wartime motto in response to London’s decision to allocate four Royal Navy patrol ships if the Brexit period ends without a trade agreement.

Agence France-Presse reported that 4 vessels of 80 meters in length were put on alert to prevent European Union fishing vessels from entering British waters if a new agreement on fishing rights was not reached.

The ministry said that the warships are in a standby mode and have made “extensive planning and preparations to ensure that the defense will be ready for various scenarios when the transition period ends.”

The fishing rights are one of the main points of contention that led to the stumbling of trade negotiations and the agreement on Britain’s secession from the European Union.

According to the British Ministry, preparations include preparing a backup batch of 14,000 people to ensure maximum preparedness to support other government departments and authorities during the winter, including exit from the European Union, Coronavirus, and possible severe weather phenomena.

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