candidate for the post of barcelona president sends a strong warning to messi


Emily Russo, the candidate for president of the Spanish football club Barcelona, issued a strong warning to the Argentine star Lionel Messi, the captain of the Catalan team.

He continued: “Messi’s salary at the moment is unaffordable. Leo wrote great pages in the history of the club, and he should be honored, but on the ground, we will ask him for some sacrifices as well.”

Russo, who had previously suggested naming the Camp Nou Lionel Messi, in recognition of what he had given the club over many years: “But if he fails to reach an agreement with Leo, Messi will not be at Camp Nou. It is time to leave.”

Barcelona’s presidential candidate’s statements coincide with what Interim President Carlos Tusquets said recently when asked whether he would agree to sell Messi if he was at the helm of the club last summer, he replied: “If we talk about what is financially important, I will definitely agree.”

Nevertheless, Tusquets continued, “This is a decision that you must make after consultation and agreement with the coaching staff, but from an economic point of view, the sale of Messi was necessary.”

The Barcelona club president’s election will take place on January 24, with Russo competing with ex-president Juan Laporta, Victor Font, Jordi Vary, Tony Frixia, Luis Fernandez, Augusti Benedetto, and Luis Fernandez for the presidency.

It is noteworthy that Lionel Messi (33 years) formally requested to leave before starting the current season. Still, the previous club management headed by Josep Bartomeu refused the order, on the condition that he obtain the value of the penalty clause in his contract, amounting to 700 million euros. It seems that next summer will be the time of departure.

Source: Agencies


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