After the judicial failure .. Trump turns to the streets to confuse Biden


It seems that the outgoing US President, Donald Trump, does not intend to facilitate the task of his opponent, President-elect Joe Biden, but is determined to escalate after the mobilization of his supporters despite his great loss in the judicial battle, as his supporters attend to organize major demonstrations for the second time in Washington, DC, to renew their objection to the election results Presidential elections, coinciding with the holding of the Electoral College tomorrow, Monday, to vote to formally install Biden as the elected president of the United States of America.

The organizers have given several names to the marches, including “March for Trump” and “Stop theft” to gain media clamor. Still, Trump, who relatively succeeded in betting on his human shields in the American street, will not succeed in winning the elections that he lost in the field of competition through the boxes. Vitreous.

Extreme thoughts

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate in the United States of America in 2016, described the supporters of her opponent, Donald Trump, as a group of miserable people. Despite her apology, American newspapers later said that Clinton was right. Many of Trump’s supporters are not educated and hold extremist ideas, and have miserable views such as those related to By race.

In 2016, Joy Gibson founded the Patriot Briar in Vancouver near Portland (northwest of the United States) after President Donald Trump, founder of the movement Gibson says that he became an activist after witnessing a quarrel between supporters of Trump’s presidency and opposition protesters. He established his movement to confront “Alleged Rampant Street Violence” against Supporters of Trump. This group often participates in violence against anti-Trump demonstrators, similar to what is happening in Portland, one of the most liberal cities in the country. It leads to acts of sabotage and chaos.

Trump speech

Some assert that the extremist speech of US President Donald Trump has increased the popularity of these extreme right-wing groups among Americans. Despite the danger that these groups pose to the United States of America, according to many associations and organizations, Trump relies on them to gain media clamor.

Several American newspapers have criticized Trump’s refusal to accept the reality of his defeat in the elections, saying, “President Trump spends all this week in the White House, isolated from public opinion, and tweets grievances, lies and misinformation about the election results and he and his aides did not inform the news of Corona deaths in the states. And the storms that hit several regions are absorbed in his own political problems, trying to remain in his position and ignoring many public duties.

He refused to be defeated.

For your information, Trump also refuses to share with Biden the secret statements of the intelligence service and the sovereign reports. Still, analysts have indicated that the matter will be resolved with the electoral college’s announcement in its final form. The army will be the keyword in stabilizing the situation. Even if pro-Trump demonstrations occur, they will be in A natural exit framework that will not result in any danger to US national security.

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