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The world is close to recording 70 million cases of coronavirus

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The world is close to recording 70 million cases of coronavirus, according to the World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization said in its daily bulletin that more than 656,000 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus were recorded worldwide yesterday, which raised the total number of infections to 69.8 million, which means that at the end of Sunday, it may be announced that the threshold of 70 million has been exceeded. Hit globally.

According to WHO updates, deaths related to the Coronavirus have increased by more than 11,800, to exceed 1.58 million.

She added that up to 69,808,588 cases of coronavirus infection and 1588854 deaths related to the Coronavirus were recorded worldwide. The number of confirmed cases increased by 656,181 during the past 24 hours, and the number of deaths increased by 11,868.

WHO statistics are based only on officially confirmed data provided by countries.

South and North America account for more than 46% of Corona cases per day submitted to the World Health Organization during the past 24 hours, 303,063 thousand. Europe comes second with 265,334 cases, followed by Southeast Asia with 40,396 cases.

As for countries, most cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the United States (15404.889), followed by India (9826775), Brazil (6781.788), Russia (2625848), France (2310701), the United Kingdom (1809459), Italy (1,805, 873), Spain (1,730,575), Argentina (1,483,376), Colombia (1,399,911), Germany (1,300,516) and Mexico (1,217,126).

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