The United States adopts a map of Morocco that includes the Sahara


On Saturday, the United States adopted a “new official map” of Morocco that includes the disputed Sahara region during a ceremony held at the US embassy in Rabat.

Ambassador David Fischer announced that “this map is the physical embodiment of President (Donald) Trump’s bold declaration two days ago,” in which he recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara, before signing “the new official map with the US government for the Kingdom of Morocco.”

Diplomatic relations

In a related context, the US State Department said, in a statement, on Friday, that Morocco and Israel will establish full diplomatic relations in the coming weeks, describing the recently announced agreement to normalize relations as a “wonderful step towards peace.”

The statement showed that the completion of the agreement between the two countries “came because of serious diplomatic work,” praising the efforts of the staff of the US State Department, headed by the Special Adviser, Jared Kushner.

He added, “The agreement will strengthen economic relations between Israeli and Moroccan companies, including direct flights to and from Israel.”

The statement praised Morocco’s efforts to promote tolerance for “its protection of the Jewish minority, and its signature of the Marrakesh Declaration in 2016 to protect religious minorities in the Islamic world, leading to the recent agreement with Israel.”

Moroccan-American relations

Regarding US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara region, the statement showed that the United States “believes that only political negotiations can resolve issues between Morocco and the Polisario Front.”

The statement stressed that negotiations between Morocco and the Front “must take place within the framework of the Moroccan autonomy plan.”

The statement pointed out that Morocco was the first country to grant diplomatic recognition to the United States of America in 1777 when it opened its ports to new American ships, which allowed participation in trade.

On Thursday, the White House and the Moroccan Royal Court announced the normalization of relations between Morocco and Israel, and Washington recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over the disputed Sahara region with the Polisario Front, while Trump described the agreement as a “breakthrough for the peace process in the Middle East.”

Source: asharq

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