The Somali army kills 17 al-Shabab terrorists, including 3 leaders.


The Somali army announced the killing of 17 terrorists in the Al-Shabaab terrorist movement ranks, including 3 leaders, one of whom was Agni, after a military operation in the south of the country.

On Saturday, the operation took place in the Sabalali area of ​​Lower Shabelle Governorate, with the implementation of the Somali Special Forces, DNB.

A statement of the Somali army, obtained by Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya, said, “The Somali special forces destroyed, in a qualitative operation in the Sabalali district in the Lower Shabelle Governorate, the General Command compound of the terrorist Al-Shabab fronts.”

The statement added that “the base was a stronghold of Al-Shabaab militia members affiliated with the Fronts Corps concerned with field wars.”

According to the statement, the Somali forces stormed the center when the leaders and elements of the youth who died during the operation were present.

“The Army Voice Radio,” the official website, quoted security officials as saying that “the operation targeted the general command of the fronts affiliated with the Al-Shabaab terrorist movement, and there were limited clashes, and the operation was completed by killing all terrorists.”

The officials mentioned the names and nationalities of the three leaders: Suleiman Abu Mahfouz, deputy head of the fronts, a Tanzanian national, Abu Yasser Yahaid, the security officer of the front command, who is of Syrian nationality, and Hassan Muhammad Othman, the field commander of the front militia, who is Somali.

The Somali army seeks to preemptively reduce the Al-Shabaab terrorist movement’s capabilities and strike it in the depths and limit the awakening expected by the terrorists as a result of the US decision to withdraw forces from Somalia by next January.

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