Story .. A husband imprisoned his wife for a month in the bathroom without food, and when he opened the door, a disaster occurred


God Almighty has instructed us to treat our husbands well and commanded us to women well, and also forbade us from transgressing them by word or deed, for that matter is considered a major sin with God. Still, that husband threw these warnings behind his back, so he mistreated his wife from his marriage to her, until that The day came when he extracted what was left of mercy, so he did something from which mercy and the blood were disavowed when he decided to punish her after he had violated his orders, by confining her inside the bathroom, so that the result would be catastrophic in every sense of the word so that fate then decided to reward him for what he did. He makes it an example for whoever is considered.

Khalil’s life was full of sins before his mother decided to marry, for him to be guided and leave this bad path. Indeed, his cousin “Noha” chose him to be his wife, so Khalil agreed to his mother’s request, so they approached her and offered her the date of the wedding. Soon the wedding took place. After a few days, Khalil’s real face appeared. Instead of directing him, he became crueler. He became more aggressive and corrupt. He hit his wife and her river with harsh words, and their married life was hell.

One day, “Khalil” ordered his wife not to go to her mother’s house at all, and when she pleaded with him and asked him to reverse this decision, he refused this order and threatened her with death if she violated his order.

Days passed until Noha’s brother called her and told her that her mother was very ill. You are dying and want to see it before you die. At that time, Noha rushed to her mother’s house. When “Khalil” learned that his wife had violated his order and went to her mother’s house, he got angry, attacked his wife, and then did what was crueler.

“Khalil” handcuffed his wife, then locked her in the bathroom without food or drink, and “Noha” remained imprisoned for a whole month, after which, “Khalil” opened the door, to be surprised by the ugliest situation a human could see, as he found his wife lying on the ground terrible Her body was almost decomposed, at the time Khalil did not know what to do, so he decided to dispose of her body by throwing it into one of the canals.

Indeed he waited until the extravagance of the night, and he shrouded the body and put it in his car in preparation for dumping it in the nearest canal. Still, unfortunately, he encountered an ambush, “Khalil” felt in danger, he wanted to escape from the ambush, but the security authorities managed to catch him.

The car was searched, and his wife’s body was found inside it, so he was arrested immediately and brought to the prosecution office. At that time, “Khalil” confessed the details of the incident, so he was referred to the court, which issued a death sentence by hanging, and he is awaiting the date of his death. Fate decided to teach him a harsh lesson. The reward for what he did, after which he will meet his Lord bearing a burden that the mountains cannot bear.

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