Newspaper: A total closure in Germany, starting from next week


German newspaper “Tagesspiegel” reported that Chancellor Angela Merkel had reached an agreement with the heads of the 16 provinces to impose a comprehensive closure throughout the country from Wednesday, December 16, to January 10 of the new year.

Merkel is to announce the new measures on Sunday, after a virtual summit with the provinces’ heads. According to the newspaper, schools and all non-essential stores, except for food stores, will be closed, and the sale of alcohol in public places will be prohibited.

On Saturday, data from the “Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases” showed that daily infections with the emerging coronavirus in Germany jumped to 28,438, while the daily death toll reached 496.

Merkel had appealed to citizens in a speech to Parliament, “the Bundestag” a few days ago, calling for the need to avoid large-scale mixing during the Christmas period, stressing that it is unacceptable that 590 people die in one day due to non-compliance with anti-Coronavirus measures.

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