In the middle of an integration internship, a translator encourages refugees to “steal” France


During an integration course provided by the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII), an Arabic translator encouraged refugees to take advantage of the system without integrating into it.

Also, she added sarcastic comments stating that France is the main source of their misfortune or that human rights and democracy were only lies.

Source: Courrierinternational

A Syrian journalist recently arrived in France, attended an integration course provided by the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII). He was invited to this four-day training course, which aims to inform refugees like him about “ the history of France, its society and its various institutions.”

But the Syrian did not yet master the French language. He then chose to take a class that allows translation into Arabic. However, not everything went as planned. And for a good reason! A Franco-Moroccan translator called on the refugees to “steal” France.

The translator inserts comments

Indeed, in a testimony relayed by Courrier international, the journalist specified that the translator allowed herself to insert comments during her translation to migrants. He recounts: “this awful chatter of the interpreter consisted, for example, in saying that human rights and democracy were only lies.”

“She also claimed that France had spread slavery and that it continues to do the same today in other forms. That she was pretending to help the refugees. While in reality, the exodus of populations was caused by the warlike policy it was leading in the Middle East, ”he continues.

An internship where the host country is denigrated

Source: theconversation

And it obviously did not stop there! The translator continued her story by giving financial advice to the refugees, drawing on her own experience.

According to the Syrian journalist: “she did not forget to explain that in a personal capacity she had benefited from the free services offered by the State, from low-rent housing and school and university education for their children. “

The translator did not assume her speech.

Which is quite amazing! But then, why did the teacher in charge of this training not react, would you say? Well, it’s just because the translator was lying about what she was saying.

The journalist explains in this regard: “Obviously, she did not assume this speech in front of those responsible. She passed it off as friendly and harmless conversations.

The translator encourages refugees not to integrate.

Source: almodon

And that’s not all! The journalist’s testimony goes even further! He assures us that “the trainees agreed to his arguments. The conclusion they drew from his speech on French colonial history was that it was legitimate for Arab refugees to take advantage of France’s presence to steal. Because France had plundered Arab resources for centuries ”.

He also adds that “the interpreter also told us that we should not try to integrate into France. Especially when it comes to religion, family values ​​, and cultural specificities, according to her, we had to preserve them and, if they entered into contradiction with French law, practice them in secret ”.

A shocking speech

Not surprisingly, such a speech did not fail to shock more than one person. Especially since this training took place just a few days after the Islamist attack on Samuel Paty. We have to believe that this translator’s words, who calls on refugees to “steal” France, are shocking.

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