Hussein Fahmy to Abla Fahita: In my life, I have not seen that sister taller than me


The great artist, Hussein Fahmy, was a guest on the program “Live from the Duplex” presented by the famous doll Abla Fajita, Friday evening, at 11 pm on the ON channel.

During the meeting, “Fahmy” talked about his private and artistic life and his relationship with women, revealing many of his personal secrets in an episode full of comedic situations.

Fahmy said that the boat’s name is Muhammad Hussein, following: “A text of my friends calls me Pepsi.”

He continued: “The date of his joking birth is March 22, 2020, and is married and has three children: Mahmoud, Nayla, and Min Allah.”

He continued, “Baba studied political sciences in Paris, and my mother studied in Al-Sirbon … my mother was a woman of society.”

About his life, Hussein Fahmy revealed new details, saying: “I do a regular diet all the time, even if I am upset by someone, as soon as he abuses me, I fix it all along, and my life is no longer six longer than me.”

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