Doubts about Pfizer: 1000 Doctors Collect Evidence for Global Health and Bill Gates Vaccine Deception


The Kuwaiti media, Aisha Al-Rasheed, warned of the Pfizer vaccine’s suspicion due to its lack of proven effectiveness in a certain and safe manner. Appealing to officials in Kuwait to stop purchasing the agreed shipment, especially since the vaccines need between 10 to 15 years to prove their effectiveness without side effects that may lead to death.

In exclusive statements to Echo of the Country, Al-Rasheed explained that Pfizer is the first sponsor of the World Health Organization, which deceived the world with false reports and statistics and confused everyone, and raised about $ 132 billion to compensate for Pfizer’s recent losses after lawsuits over its killer drugs. And she was compensated in the billions after she resorted to the Corona trick, which the world believed.

The Kuwaiti media noted that more than a thousand doctors and scientists around the world are gathering evidence and reports that prove the deception that was orchestrated by the World Health Organization and the Bill Gates Foundation for Vaccines, which owns more than two-thirds of Pfizer, and will later present them to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. To prosecute the crime that occurred against humanity.

“Al-Rashid” denounced Gates’ statements in which he said, “I will not allow my family to take the vaccine …” She asks, “Why do you impose it on us and control us?”

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai stated that Kuwait would not receive the Pfizer vaccine before it is internationally approved. According to health sources, the newspaper said that Kuwait “will not start receiving the vaccine or vaccinating citizens before the vaccine gets a license from international health organizations, especially the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

With Britain beginning to give the “Pfizer – Biotech” vaccine against Corona to the most vulnerable people and Canada’s giving the green light for the vaccine yesterday, the sources indicated that Kuwait is awaiting the official approval of the “Pfizer – Biotech” vaccine from the concerned organizations, before receiving its share agreed upon with the company in question. (150,000 doses in 2020 and 850,000 in 2021), and subsequently the start of a massive vaccination campaign, and then receiving vaccines from other companies after they were also approved, according to the newspaper’s report.

In preparation for this, the Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, inspected, the day before yesterday, one of the halls being equipped at the international fairground, in preparation for the vaccination campaign to prevent the Coronavirus, which is scheduled to begin its first stages with the arrival of the vaccine in the country.

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