Apple completes its self-driving car project


The tech giant Apple has implemented some important changes to its secret project to build a self-driving car. According to Bloomberg, Apple engineers will report to John Giannandrea, head of the AI ​​division at Apple.

John Giannandria is a digital voice assistant, Siri, who is the former head of search and artificial intelligence at Google and reports directly to CEO Tim Cook.

Apple’s project aims to develop a self-driving car with a partnership with car manufacturers such as Volkswagen to provide cars. In June 2019, Apple acquired, a start-up in the autonomous sector, and Apple bought the company’s assets, including its autonomous car, and employed many of its engineers.

Google has worked to develop and integrate Google Maps and Google Places service, systems for smart navigation technologies inside cars, making it collaborate with major auto industry entities in the world.

Google also introduced a feature called Send2Car that allows users to send POIs and their own interfaces through Google Maps on their smartphones directly to their cars.

Google Maps was also used to determine directions within a screen located in the car, and display information about places that the driver passes near by thanks to the Places service.

The director of the Google Maps Foundation stated that the company is always looking for the best ways to make it easier for users to discover more information that helps them make their decisions, and places to have coffee or places to clean clothes are suggested, for example.

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