An interesting statement from Karembeu about Mbabi moving to Real Madrid


Christian Karembeu, the former Real Madrid star, has said that his young compatriot Kylian Mbappe dreams of joining the Royal, but he has to decide his fate with Paris Saint-Germain.
Mbappe has been closely associated with a move to Real Madrid a lot, and the world champion is linked with France in 2018 with a contract that extends until 2022 with the Parisians.

Karembeu: Mbappe has to set his goals
“It is a dream for Mbappe to join Real Madrid,” Karembeu said, in statements reported by the Spanish newspaper Marca, “but we have to wait.”

The French football legend added, “Real Madrid fans have been waiting for Mbappe for a year or two, and he has not attended yet.”
Karembeu continued his speech by saying: “The same applies to Paul Pogba. Today, Kilian has to define his goals and plan if he wants to come to Real Madrid or stay in Paris.”

Mbappe is good at playing on the left and right-wing and playing as a spearhead, and he is 22 years old, and he previously played for French club Monaco.

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