A new record for Corona injuries in the United States


On Friday, the United States counted a new record of new infections with the Coronavirus, which reached about 235,000 cases within 24 hours, according to a count by Johns Hopkins University.

The university, which constantly updates its data, said that the number of new deaths due to the virus in the country during the same period of time reached about 2,600.

The number of people being hospitalized due to COVID-19 in the United States continues to rise. There are currently more than 108,000 people in hospitals, which is unprecedented, according to “Covid Tracking Project” figures.

The health authorities were expecting this increase after the travels made by millions of Americans two weeks ago to celebrate Thanksgiving, despite the calls that were directed to them to stay home.

Americans, who have been facing a new wave of the virus for several weeks, are pinning hopes on the imminent distribution of the vaccine in the country.

The New York Times reported late Friday that the US Food and Drug Administration had authorized the Pfizer-Bionic vaccine for emergency use.

The outgoing US President Donald Trump signed a decree giving his country priority in receiving vaccines before exporting them to other countries.

The United States has purchased an additional 100 million doses of the Moderna vaccine to treat Covid-19, the US Department of Health announced Friday in a statement.

These doses are added to the 100 million doses of this vaccine that the United States had previously ordered from the American company.

The United States has also purchased 100 million doses of the vaccine developed by the Pfizer / Bionic Alliance.

On Friday, US Health Secretary Alex Azar announced that the United States may start on Monday by giving the first batch of Americans the “Pfizer / Bionic” vaccine against Covid-19.

The US Food and Drug Administration issued a statement Friday saying that it has informed Pfizer that it is now working “quickly to complete and issue a license for the emergency use of the vaccine.”

Azar told ABC that the authorities are working with Pfizer on logistical matters, “and we may see people being vaccinated Monday or Tuesday next week.”

The United States hopes to vaccinate 20 million people this month, 100 million by February, and the entire population by June.

Preference will be given to vaccination for residents of care homes and frontline health workers.

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