What the Argentines searched the most in Google during 2020

What the Argentines searched the most in Google during 2020

The coronavirus marked this year and the consultations were largely related to the pandemic, as well as the changes that came within the framework of this “new normal.” A tour of the questions that were asked the most, the characters who set trends, the most outstanding events and the new interests that emerged at the local level

Like every year, Google released the most popular searches that were carried out on the web. This 2020, as expected, the term “coronavirus” led to the ranking of Argentines’ interests. In this sense, users turned to the search engine to learn more about this virus, its impact, and even investigate the meanings of “pandemic” and “quarantine.”

The epidemiological situation brought great changes that affected health care and the way of studying, working, and doing finances. The isolation measures forced accelerated digitization, and this was also seen in the searches. Hence, terms like “Zoom” or “Google classroom” lead the searches.

Argentines also wondered how to create a CBU, make the permit to circulate, enter Mi Anses, or collect the IFE. There were events such as the United States or the Hot Sale elections that aroused special interest among netizens. Sports such as Roland Garros, Champions League, and the 2020 Copa Libertadores were also present in the computer giant’s list.

Next, the ranking of the most searched topics on Google, the questions that were asked the most, and the characters or series that aroused the most interest among Argentines during 2020.

Searches 2020

1. Coronavirus

El Reino Unido comenzó an aplicar la vacuna de Pfizer/BioNTech Este 8 de Diciembre. (Ben Birchall/Pool via REUTERS)

According to data released on Tuesday, the total number of infections since the pandemic began in Argentina is 1,466,309, while the deaths reached 39,888.

2. Google Classroom

Google Classroom was among the most used educational tools

He is an educational digital service developed by Google. It is part of the G Suite for Education package, including Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar. The platform was launched on August 12, 2014.

3. Remote procedures

Within the framework of social distancing measures, the vast majority of the procedures had to be carried out remotely. It was a learning context and a great challenge to integrate sectors of the population that were not digitized for different reasons.

4. United States elections

The US presidential elections were held on November 3, 2020 (JAN SCHEUNERT / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO)
The US presidential elections were held on November 3, 2020 (JAN SCHEUNERT / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO)

The 2020 United States presidential elections were held on Tuesday, November 3, and it was a topic that aroused much interest among Argentines. Debates, candidates, and their views on different topics led Google searches

5. Permission to circulate

The caring app is a way to carry the permit on the cell phone

Durante el período de aislamiento social preventivo fue necesario contar con un permiso de circulación para trasladarse de un sitio a otro. En un principio sólo fueron autorizados los denominados personal esencial. También se contemplaron ciertas excepciones como la necesidad de movilización para el cuidado de personas o menores y la realización de ciertas prácticas médicas de urgencia.

6. Zoom

An image of a video conference via Zoom (Zoom Video Communications)

The use of this video calling service had an exponential growth in these months when teleworking was imposed. Its ease of use, at no cost, made it one of the favorite platforms for virtual meetings.

7. Hot Sale

(Photo Art: Gil Pérez)

Hot Sale is an online sales event organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce, which this year was held on July 27, 28, and 29.

8. Emergency Family Income

The Emergency Family Income (IFE) consists of a 10,000 peso bonus given to informal workers and mon tax workers of the first categories during the pandemic. The IFE covers a universe of more than 9 million people in the country.

9. Diego Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona celebrating in Naples on May 10, 1987 (AP Photo / Massimo Sambucetti, File)

The soccer star passed away on November 25, 2020. His popularity caused searches around his death and his achievements to skyrocket in Argentina and around the world.

10. My ANSES

My ANSES is an ANSES digital platform that allows you to carry out different procedures and personal inquiries without going to an office.

The questions most asked by Argentines.


1. What is the coronavirus?

2. What is the state of siege?

3. What happened the day I was born?

4. What is the AMBA?

5. What is dengue?

6. What does tusa mean?

7. What is a pandemic?

8. What is Vicentin?

9. What is the curfew?

10. What does quarantine mean?

This 2020 led the searches for information about the coronavirus, prevention measures, and the completion of procedures related to the “new normal” that came hand in hand with isolation measures.


The questions were linked to the most popular topics around the pandemic. In this sense, people wanted to know how to make homemade chinstraps to the steps to follow to process the permit to circulate or create a CBU.

1. How do I know if I am collecting the 10,000 ANSES?

2. How to make chinstraps?

3. How to make alcohol gel?

4. How is coronavirus spread?

5. How to obtain permission to circulate?

6. How to make croissants?

7. How to use Zoom?

8. How to create a CBU?

9. How are the elections going in the USA?

10. How do I know if the Alimentar card corresponds to me?

During the first months of the pandemic, searches grew for how to make homemade chinstraps


1. Where do I collect the IFE?

2. Where is Villa Azul?

3. Where do I pick up the Alimentar card?

4. Where is Beirut?

5. Where did the coronavirus originate?

6. Where is the cat?

7. Where does Nicolás González play?

8. Where was Manuel Belgrano born?

9. Where was the national anthem first sung?

10. Where do I charge CUNA?


The NBA playoffs were among the most popular events of the year (EFE / EPA / JOHN G. MABANGLO / Archive)

1. United States elections

2. Hot Sale

3. Roland Garros

4. Champions League

5. NBA Playoffs

6. Qatar 2022 Qualifiers

7. Copa Libertadores 2020

8. Explosion Beirut

9. CyberMonday 2020

10. Black Friday 2020


Diego Maradona’s death triggered searches for the star this year. The former player passed away on November 25 at the age of 60. Kobe Bryant, a former NBA player, was also among the most wanted people. Bryant died on January 26, 2020, at the age of 41, in a helicopter accident in Calabasas (California), along with eight other people, among whom was his 13-year-old daughter Gianna Maria.


Actress Naya Rivera

In third place is Naya Rivera, actress of the popular series Glee. On July 8, 2020, she disappeared in Piru Lake, California. Her four-year-old son was found sleeping in a life jacket in the boat they had rented. Five days later, his body was found on July 13, and his death by drowning was declared.

At the same time, other Argentine figures appear on the list, such as Luis Alberto Spinetta (who this year celebrated his 70th birthday), President Alberto Fernández, Gustavo Guillén (who died on May 28) and tennis player Diego Schwartzman, who had a good performance during 2020, reaching 9th place in the ATP world ranking today.

1. Diego Maradona

2. Kobe Bryant

3. Naya Rivera

4. Luis Alberto Spinetta

5. Elsa Serrano

6. Will Smith

7. Alberto Fernandez

8. Gustavo Guillén

9. Diego Schwartzman

10. Donald Trump

TV shows and series

The reunion of the Karate Kid characters -Daniel LaRusso and his enemy Johnny Lawrence- in the Cobra Kai series became a great novelty in the ranking of Series and TV programs. The second place went to the story of the chess player Beth Harmon in Lady’s Gambit, followed by the rebroadcasting of the telenovela Floricienta by Cris Morena and Poco ortodoxa, the miniseries about the life of a Jewish woman in New York inspired by Deborah’s autobiography Feldman.

Among the main five contents that were a trend, the kitchen reality show MasterChef is also located, which is currently broadcasting its version with celebrities. And Elite, the Spanish series that narrates the life of a group of students from an exclusive school and that already has 3 seasons.

Cobra Kai led the searches of the series and programs list in this 2020 (COBRA KAI Cr. BOB MAHONEY / NETFLIX © 2020)
Cobra Kai led the searches of the series and programs to list in this 2020 (COBRA KAI Cr. BOB MAHONEY / NETFLIX © 2020)

1. Cobra Kai

2. Queen’s gambit

3. Floricienta

4. Unorthodox

5. MasterChef

6. Elite

7. Anne with an E

8. Bake-off

9. Singing 2020

10. Divine food


Cooking became one of the top hobbies during this quarantine. Proof of this is that many Argentines turned to the search engine to find recipes. In the top 5, there are simple, traditional meals, fundamentally with a lot of flour: croissants stood out first, followed by homemade bread, homemade flan, pancakes, and lastly, potato gnocchi.

Croissants topped Google recipe searches

1. Croissants recipe

2. Homemade bread recipes

3. Homemade flan recipe

4. Pancake recipe

5. Potato gnocchi recipe

6. Recipe for scones

7. Milk bread recipe

8. Pepas recipe

9. Lentil recipes

10. Fried cakes recipe

At home

During the isolation period, Argentines engaged in more activities at home, and in this context, searches grew around different campaigns that included proposals to do “from home”.

Government educational and cultural initiatives had a great impact: Your school at home, carried out by the Government of Córdoba, and Culture at home by the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. New hobbies or interests also emerged, such as the pursuit of games, recreational activities, exercise, and gardening.

Interest in home fitness proposals grew

1. Arcor at home

2. Stay home

3. Games at home

4. Special diploma stay at home

5. Exercises at home

6. Your home school

7. Yoga at home

8. Culture at home

9. Always at home

10. Garden at home


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