TRUMP: The courage of the Supreme Court will allow the American people to win the most important lawsuit in history


US President Donald Trump has called on the Supreme Court to show “great wisdom and courage” in dealing with a lawsuit against the results of the presidential election confirming the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Trump wrote in a tweet posted on his Twitter account on Friday: “If the Supreme Court showed great wisdom and courage, the American people would win perhaps the most important case in history, and our election process will be respected again.”


This tweet came as a comment on the lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxto requesting recognition of the unlawfulness of voting results in four swing states in which Biden won (namely, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan) and authorizing the legislative bodies in these states to choose their representatives in the electoral college regardless of Voting results.

Eighteen other states under Republican control and 126 of the 196 Republican members of the House of Representatives expressed their support for the lawsuit.

Despite the voting results, Trump insists on refusing to admit his defeat in the election, accusing their Democratic opponents of fraud.

Trump’s campaign has brought dozens of lawsuits against the vote results in crucial states to determine the presidential race winner. Still, most of them have been rejected by the judiciary.

Source: RT + TASS

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