Saving a child after falling into a well .. Video


A video clip showed the moment of the rescue of a four-year-old child, who fell into a well 13 meters deep.

The video, published by the British newspaper “The Sun”, showed rescuers in Mission, Texas, taking the child out of the deep hole.

Saving a child after falling into a well

The rescue operation, according to Mission City’s Twitter account, took over six hours, as rescuers faced great difficulty in removing the child because of the narrowing of the crater through which it fell, as it did not exceed 25 cm in diameter.

In a post on Facebook, Star Renee County Sheriff praised the efforts made by the rescue team to get the child out, and the quick response by all concerned.

The child is recovering, according to the relevant authorities, from non-serious injuries in a hospital in Edinburgh, Texas, knowing that his health condition is stable.

Source: Sky News

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