Taller than 1.5 meters: an American woman enters a “Guinness” with an “Afro” hairstyle


A young American woman from Brooklyn, New York, has entered the Guinness Book of Records after being named the owner of the largest “afro” hairstyle in the world.

Afro hairstyle is a curly hairstyle that makes the hair appear as if it is blown in all directions and was known by many famous people worldwide.

Simo Williams entered the world of records after her hairstyle reached 4 feet 10 inches, which is 1.48 meters together.

Simon began working on that hairstyle about 9 years ago to save money and not go to beauty salons and hairdressers, noting that she did not imagine entering the Guinness Book of Records because of that.

She explained that it was difficult in the beginning and that she struggled to take care of her hair, in beginning, adding: “When I started receiving compliments and admiration for my hairstyle, and when I heard about the biggest (Afro) in the world, I decided to look at Google and when I saw that my hairstyle is very similar to Evin Douglas’s hairstyle. And the record holder, it inspired me strongly. ”

Evin held the record for 8 years with a hairdo of 1.32 meters before losing her title to Simon.

Simon considers her hairstyle a way to celebrate her African ancestors’ heritage who came to America and a symbol of freedom and liberation, pointing out that she cannot wear hats and must pay attention when she passes under tree branches on the road or in parks.

“I feel very proud every time I pull out my hair so big and beautiful,” said Williams.

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