Neymar’s mother’s lover reveals a video of him being stabbed


Thiago Ramos, the lover of Nadine Gonçalves, mother of Brazilian striker Neymar, said that he was attacked by men in Cancun, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

Thiago Ramos, 22, appears in a video posted by journalist David Hernandez on his Instagram page, with his neck stained with blood.

In the video, Ramos said, “I almost died because of what I didn’t do. I entered Hattna and asked for a meat dish. I don’t know what happened. I didn’t do anything. There were three men, one of them stabbed me. I won’t leave it that way because I have data on it—those who did. I will leave Mexico, but I will return. ”


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It is noteworthy that Nadine Gonsalvin revealed last April her association with model Thiago Ramos when she posted a picture on her personal account on “Instagram” with her new partner, and they were hugging and commented: “This matter cannot be explained if you live,” with the image of a love heart as an emoji…

Immediately after the relationship was announced, many press reports began revealing Ramos’ previous relations with men, including Mauro, the personal chef of her son Neymar, the star of the Brazilian national team and Paris Saint-Germain of France, in addition to at least three other men, they are the Brazilian actor and comedian Carlinhos Maya, and the public relations advisor Erinaldo Oliver and millionaire Eduardo Pereira.

The Brazilian journalist Fabia Oliveira stated that Ramos was about to marry the famous millionaire in Brazil, Eduardo Pereira. He was living in the millionaire’s palace like a prince.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that Gonsalvin separated from her lover Thiago Ramos only 13 days after they announced their romance.

According to the British newspaper, Gonsalvin, who is 52 years old and 30 years older than Ramos, decided to separate from him after the many reports that spoke about his relations with many men and that he was not dating women.

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