Corona steals “New Year’s Eve” from the French.


France announced Thursday that it would lift isolation measures on December 15 as scheduled but impose a night curfew that includes New Year’s Eve.

The French government’s decision comes at a time of deteriorating health situation related to the “Covid-19” epidemic in Europe.

France races the virus to Christmas … Corona continues to be closed.
The French News Agency quoted Prime Minister Jean Castex as saying that “France will cautiously exit the lockdown imposed 6 weeks ago by canceling the movement ban, but from Tuesday it will impose a curfew starting at 8:00 pm (19:00 GMT).”

He added that the ban is imposed every day, including New Year’s Eve, except Christmas Eve, stressing that the reopening of cultural centers such as museums, cinemas, and theaters will be postponed by 3 weeks, provided that the situation is “re-evaluated on January 7.”

Since October 30, France has lived through a second lockdown after the one imposed in the spring and lasted nearly two months.

When this decision was announced, France recorded 60,000 injuries per day, and French President Emmanuel Macron set the threshold of 5,000 injuries per day to lift the isolation.

However, on Wednesday, Paris recorded 14595 injuries, according to official figures, the highest number recorded since 25 November.

The government fears that the infection rate will not be low enough during the sensitive holiday period, when the family encounters increase, raising the risk of infections rising sharply.

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