Video summary of the match between Liverpool and Mitland in the Champions League with goals


We review for you a summary of the match between Liverpool and Maitland in the Champions League with goals, in the meeting between the two teams this evening, Wednesday, in the meetings of the sixth and final round of the Champions League for the 2020-2021 season, which bears the German title Bayern Munich.

Jota – Liverpool – English Premier League

Liverpool failed to achieve victory at the end of its group matches, with a positive draw with Maitland, with each team’s goal in Denmark.

The meeting witnessed the entry of star Mohamed Salah into the English team’s history, as he became the most scored player in the UEFA Champions League, in the first minute of the match.

In the second half, Alexander Schulz scored the equalizer for the hosts from a penalty kick, and the match saw Liverpool’s players wasting many chances.

Thus, the Reds rose as the fourth group leader with 13 points after winning 4 meetings, while the team drew in a match and fell to second-placed Atalanta in another meeting.

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